Coming VERY Soon!

Very soon there will be a video podcast posted, as well as my notes from the podcast. I hope to release a video podcast (as well as audio only) regularly; which will include my take on Nintendo business moves, game reviews, Q&A, Nintendo news, discussions, and much more. To give you a glimpse into what will come, I have to let you glimpse into who I am and what perspective I’m coming from.

  • I am a long time gamer. I started when I was about 5 years old. In the baby book my mother made for me, it reads that by age 5 “I mastered the Nintendo!” I can’t remember a time that I didn’t play video games of some sort, always keeping up with the new system and games. I remember getting my SNES (Super Nintendo) with a copy of Super Mario World for Christmas. I remember buying my first game system (Game Boy Color). I remember switching to CD games (first with Sega Saturn, then with Playstation). I’ve played racing games, fighting games, RPGs, platformers, puzzle games….I’ve tried them all. To this day, I love playing video games, and don’t think I will ever grow too old for them.
  • I am a family man. I have a beautiful wife, and a young boy on the way (woohoo!) This means I have to really keep in mind what types of games my boy is exposed to; I can’t always play the adult games that I enjoy. I am equal parts “hardcore” gamer and “casual” gamer, and I don’t think either is a bad connotation.
  • I am not a fanboy. I enjoy Nintendo products; I really do. But I also enjoy gaming as a whole. Though I will be talking mainly about Nintendo here, that does NOT mean I will only talk about Nintendo, nor will I disregard anything that I see as a fault of Nintendo. I am simply here to clear up any misconceptions about Nintendo, to offer suggestions to any who care to listen, and to listen to YOU, the user.
  • I am not a professional. I don’t write professional reviews, or articles for well known websites or magazines. I don’t play games professionally, and I most certainly don’t intend to be pretentious enough to tell you which games you will like, and what games you won’t. All I can do is give the facts to the best of my ability, and offer my opinion regarding those facts.

That being said, I created this blog site for a couple of reasons. Firstly, in the short term, to help clear the misconceptions regarding Nintendo and their products as of late; specifically regarding the Wii U game console. In the long term, I hope to give any news Nintendo puts out, have intelligent discussions with the users, and give advice/suggestions for those who may just stumble upon this blog site who are wondering about whether or not to get a Nintendo product. Secondly, I want to create an atmosphere where the users can have intelligent discussions that can give new life to creative ideas and suggestions; whether how a game can be better, a console can be “fixed,” or even what Nintendo could do next. I want this to be a place full of lively discussions and great ideas.


Maybe I’m aiming too high, but I figure I might as well try. I love gaming, and I love Nintendo, and I hope this hobby of mine can help in some way. I look forward to talking with you, as well as listening, and I hope you find this blog both entertaining and informational.




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