DICE Awards, 2014

So I just saw the results for the DICE awards. The Last of Us pretty much swept it – which I will say is my favorite game of all time, and I feel deserves all the awards it won, except perhaps the art and animation awards. To see the list of winners, click here. But I want to focus on a couple other things…

Nintendo won two awards, which seems a pretty small accomplishment at first; one for family game of the year (Mario 3D World) and handheld game of the year (Zelda: A Link Between Worlds). Now, both rightfully deserve their awards, but I don’t want to focus on that. I want to point out that out of that entire list, there are only four exclusive titles. Those include the game that swept (The Last of Us, PS3), Forza 5 (Xbox One), and the two Nintendo games. This intrigues me and makes me believe even more that exclusives are the key to a console’s success. Yes, games like GTA5 sell and can help move a system off the shelf, but if they are multi platform, there is no incentive to get one system or another (by the way, I own GTA5 for my Xbox 360, and I played it to death). So, as far as exclusives go, Nintendo is doing very well: they have half of the exclusives that won awards. Multi platform games are very important and much needed, and I’m really glad that big third party multi platform games, like Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, will be available for the Wii U (at least for now). But exclusives are extremely important.



Something else I was pondering – well, almost hoping, I guess – is that now two Nintendo games, one being on the Wii U, have won official game awards, will people start to take notice? So far, the Wii U, and the Nintendo company in general, have been scrutinized and gotten incredibly bad press. Now that they have good press, how will the gaming community react? I have personally played (and beaten) both Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds, and they are both phenomenal games that are definitely worth playing. I hope Nintendo capitalizes on this win, and promotes their system all over the place.

What do you think the gaming community will do? Do you think this will help Nintendo’s current situation/perception, or do you think this will be overlooked? Leave your thoughts below.

To see the My Nintendo News article regarding the two Nintendo games which won awards, click here


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