Blok Drop U Review

Blok Drop U Logo

I finally got my hands on the first Nintendo Web Framework indie game to release, Blok Drop U, created by RCMADIAX. The concept is very simple, but nonetheless, I was excited to give the game a test run to see how the first of the Nintendo Webwork system games would run on my Wii U.

First of all, the game is cheap – only $1.99 here in the states. That was a big positive for me, especially with how short the game is (took me maybe an hour total to beat the game from level 1 to level 30). This isn’t a negative (or positive) for me, however, as this isn’t meant to be some blockbuster game that had an enormous budget to work with. In addition, this is more of an easy pick up/set down type of game. After starting up the game and getting past the main menu, I was given three options of gameplay. I could choose any one of the “sets” to play from the outset, or I could run through the three sets in order; of course, I had to go through the game in order.

Blok Drop U Sets

Set 1 is the easiest, while set 3 is the hardest. Each offers a unique addition to the core gameplay, which is to save your little black “blok.” You tap any one of the gray “bloks,” and it affects how other blocks may, or may not, fall, utilizing the physhics engine very well. The gameplay is simple, but very addicting. In my first play-through, I had only planned to play for 10 minutes or so, as I had to finish up some things around the house, but I ended up playing for half an hour without even realizing it. Simple, yet effective, is the name of the game.

Blok Drop U Gameplay

One additional mention is that the Miiverse for the game is very friendly, and it isn’t uncommon to see Michael Aschenbrenner (developer) like one of your posts or comment on a picture you leave in the community. Now, this doesn’t have a lot to do with this review necessarily, but I thought it was a really cool extra – makes the gamer feel like they are really a part of something (don’t misunderstand; I know I had nothing to do with this game, nor any game development, as I’m not that cool)

In it’s simplicity, however, there are a few drawbacks. Firstly, the music. The music is great, and very catchy, but there is no variety; only one song plays in a loop as soon as the game starts, all the way from the menu through to the end of the game. I would’ve liked at least a song per set, maybe to change the mood a little. My only other problem with the game is that there are no save states within each set. Now, each set is only 10 levels long, so it isn’t too big a problem, but adding them would’ve added to the game some.

Overall, this is a fantastic game to purchase, whether it is for the simply addictive gameplay, or to support an indie dev creating a game on the Nintendo Webworks system. And it is only $1.99. It is CHEAP! So do yourself a favor and go drop some bloks

Visuals – 8/10

Audio – 7/10

Gameplay – 9/10

Entertainment Factor – 8/10

Overall – 7/10


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