Is Sega Going the Distance?

Sonic Boom was announced at the beginning of last month, and now it doesn’t seem to be talked about nearly as much as it should be. I, for one, and extremely intrigued by this reinvention of Sonic and company (though Knuckles looks really dumb). Regardless of everyone’s opinions on what the game looks like, or [justified] skepticism in terms of actual gameplay, there are really awesome things surrounding Sonic Boom.

First, the game engine being used is the latest in the CryEngine 3 platform, which many said couldn’t be done on the Wii U. This is a big “screw you” to all the critics bashing the Wii U’s technical capability; that is, if Sega can pull it off within the gameplay. The trailers look awesome, and could possibly lead to a really good game. (Side note, for another third party developer supporting Wii U and stating it can hang with the PS4 and Xbox One, click here)

Second, Sega is using a very interesting, and possibly very effective, promotion and advertising method. After watching the trailer for the new cartoon to be released after the game, I am actually really excited to see it. I thought the humor was well done, and the animation was pretty darn good. Toys, a cartoon, and a game can help the popularity of Sonic (think Skylanders), and this game is a Wii U exclusive. So what does that mean for Nintendo? Quite possibly a surge in Wii U sales.

Third, if Sega is successful (in any way) in the previous two points, they can make a comeback. It seems like they have been floundering around for some time now, with a decent game here and there giving them a boost in good sales. This would also be a win for us older gamers: the next generations would not only be raised up with the next CoD or other FPS game, but Mario AND Sonic games (good ones, of course).

I really, REALLY want Sonic Boom to be successful, and to be a legitimately well done game and TV show. Time will tell, when the first of the Sonic onslaught arrives on Wii U consoles. Here’s to hoping!


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