Call to Arms: Wii U Owners

This post is a call to arms. Well….maybe not….sorry to be so dramatic. But seriously, there is a game coming out later this year for the Wii U, and amongst the other next gen consoles. Now, even if you aren’t a die hard racing genre fan, I still think we all should buy into this game. Why? Because Slightly Mad Studios seems to be legitimate when saying that the Wii U version isn’t completely dumbed down or not even close to the other consoles graphically (see here). Or maybe it’s because their library of cars keeps growing (see here). But most importantly, it is because the Wii U can run many of these third party games arriving on the PS4 and Xbox One (heck, some are even being released on PS3 and Xbox 360!); it’s just that the companies don’t make much profit from the Wii U install base.

Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios is showing love to the Wii U, and doesn’t seem to be playing any games with Nintendo console owners. So, the least we can do is show them support and give them good sales numbers on the Wii U (plus, the install base should skyrocket when MarioKart 8 arrive in May). This way, maybe, just maybe, other third party developers will see the success to be had from the Wii U platform, and decide to stop completely passing up the console with any new games (ahem…EA….ahem).



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