That Good ‘Ol Feeling

Not too long ago, I had rediscovered my old collection of PS1, PS2, and SNES games I had stored away carefully years before. As I played Silent Hill 2, Marvel Super Heroes, Super Adventure Island, the DKC trilogy, and (of course) Super Mario World, nostalgia and memories flooded over me. These were the games I grew up with, and to this day I have the fondest gaming memories of them. I remember getting Super Mario World – my first SNES game (it was bundled with my SNES); the first time I experienced the horror that is Silent Hill; played my first mature-rated game (Metal Gear Solid); and stared in awe at the graphical prowess of the PS2. With all this nostalgia, I began thinking: what will this generation’s “nostalgia games” be?

I must’ve aged 50 years, almost instantly, because phrases like, “These kids don’t know what real gaming is,” began to rise in my mind. Will this generation have as fond of memories as many older games have with the games they had grown up with (NES, SNES, N64, PS1)? Can I be so judgmental; am I just acting like a crotchety old man? Well, in part, yes. But what made our game libraries so much better than current game libraries?

This is where I don’t have any answer. I see the pros and cons of both: we had local multiplayer with more intimate trash talking with friends, while this generation has online play (able to play full games at any given time). We had games that were fresh and new because nothing had been done like them before, while this generation has game that continuously have to reinvent genres and how to play in order to stay fresh (which has created amazing leaps in the gaming world). We had 8-bit graphics and music, while this generation has beautifully crafted visuals, art styles, and orchestrated music (even soundtracks for games, released separately). I don’t think there is a “better” generation, and everything is subjective, of course.

What do you guys think? And what do you think the top 5 games are of this generation that will be remembered fondly 10-15 years down the road? And do you think they will have the same effect on this generation as older gamers were affected by their generation of games?



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