Nintendo Redirect Movement

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a fan-made movement calling for games, actions, and whatever else you can think of; all of this aimed at The Big N. Formed by a YouTube user named Shokio, the movement is essentially a call to Nintendo to change everything. Now, as much as I love my Wii U, and hope Nintendo will learn from mistakes they made with their latest system, Nintendo has never shown they listen to protests such as this.

Now, I truly understand the frustration of many Wii U owners and Nintendo fans for the first year or so the system was released. Game droughts (which were promised would never come again, and you can find an amazing article by Emily Rogers here), lack of marketing, and general disregard to the actual fans brought disastrous numbers to the Wii U. However, since October of last year, Nintendo has brought us some quality titles (along with some that came a little earlier in the year, such as Pikmin 3) and made a huge push in marketing. Well. A huge push in Nintendo’s standards, which is a step in the right direction. This marketing has already helped, along with games like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, pushing system sales up about 25% in February. See here for the details. All this to say, Nintendo is starting to do the right things, and this is the year to do it; with a ton of stellar games coming out. So, with Nintendo starting to make the right moves, now fans are going to call Nintendo out?

I do respect the movement, or at least he motive behind it, but there are some key flaws to it (other than it will most likely be ignored by Nintendo):

1) Now is not the time to do this – this should’ve been done a year ago
2) There are too many “demands,” there needs to be fewer, more succinct and sensible requests
3) This is not the way to sway a company. Use money to show what you will buy and what you won’t buy

If you want to tell Nintendo how you feel and what you want, go buy games (or buy a system when a game comes out that is desirable). If you want more third party support, go pre order Project Cars and Watch_Dogs (if it still comes to Wii U). If you like the indie movement happening on the system, go spend some money to support both that idea and the developers making great games. If you don’t want just another rehash of an older game, then don’t buy it. It’s simple. When Nintendo saw their horrible Wii U numbers and announced them this year, they changed their tune – they began more marketing for DKC and various 3DS games more in one month than I had seen for an entire year, and they teased releases of games this year.

So, go make a statement to Nintendo by spending (or not spending) your money, and don’t waste time on a movement that will most likely be ignored. If Nintendo actually listens to this group, I will admit that I was wrong in everything, but we will see what The Big N will do.


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