Prediction For Ubisoft and Nintendo


I am one of the few that still believe Ubisoft hasn’t abandoned ship quite yet. Now that the initial buzz surrounding the Wii U Watch_Dogs delay has worn off some, I wanted to touch on this topic. I believe Ubisoft will stick around, and continue making games for Wii U. Here’s why:

1.) Ubisoft is still releasing games, though they know they had poor sales numbers

  • Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell did poorly, according to Ubisoft (see here). Granted that Rayman sold the best on the Wii U, and generally sold poorly across all platforms, we are led to believe they were pretty terrible numbers. Why would a company spend more money to make a game on a platform they don’t care about anymore?

  • Games such as Child of Light are still slated to come out for Wii U along with other platforms
  • Though Wii U sales only accounted for 2% of Ubisoft profits, they haven’t completely trash talked Nintendo or the Wii U (in fact, saying it has potential), like some others have

2.) At the end of the day, Ubisoft is still a company, and companies want to make money

  • Many companies don’t care which platform does what, or what people think of hardware; as long as their games sell, that’s what matters. I believe that after Ubisoft discovered the poor software sales on Wii U, they decided to “hold off” on the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs, causing many to cry cancellation. I don’t think that is the case: I believe Ubisoft is waiting to see if Mariokart 8 can actually bring in hardware sales. If it does, which I’m positive it will, then I think they will give the Wii U one last shot at providing decent sales numbers, or at least numbers to keep the third party developer coming back.

  • The reason Ubisoft is releasing the other versions before the Wii U version is probably due to the fact that this game was originally slated for 2013, and they want to start making some kind of profit from it. Therefore, the Wii U version will be dependent on hardware sales for the month of June


Obviously, this is all speculation, but I believe Nintendo is going to have a great year, and with only one title released, their hardware sales have improved somewhat. Once Mariokart 8 rolls around, I think the numbers will skyrocket, and when Ubisoft sees those sales numbers, they will be setting a release date for Watch_Dogs Wii U much sooner than many of us could imagine. Here’s to hoping Nintendo can pull through and continue to slowly bring their latest console back from the dead.



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