The HD Wars: Play Games You Want To Play

The Wii U is weak, slow, behind the times, not next-gen; the Wii U is dead.

Have you heard any of the above statements before? Why am I even asking; of course you have. I hear at least one of the above opinions on a daily basis, whether from knowledgeable, weathered gamers, or CoD fanatics who know nothing about gaming other than shooting the thing at the other thing. The PS4 and Xbox One are considered Next-Gen, while the Wii U is still debated over whether or not it joins that club. I, for one, know it is Next-Gen, and am sick of hearing all the negativity surround Nintendo’s latest console. Why is there this huge HD war going on, and power-centric view of what Next-Gen is?

Look, graphics can only take you so far in gaming. Why do you think there is a huge indie craze going on right now? I’ll tell you this: it isn’t because of graphics. Gameplay and entertainment are at the center of gaming, and always have been, thus leading to a thriving indie game culture. Also, I’ve noticed that a lot more “gamers” in the past 5 years or so have grown a “complaining complex” of sorts. What do I mean by this? Well, let me explain…

Too many gamers complain about games being too hard, yet want their games to last for an eternity. I’m all for long games, that have lasting appeal and I will play for many times to come in the future. However, I DO NOT WANT  games that drag and have no difficulty or lasting gameplay appeal; they end up being tedious and boring in the long run, even if they are incredibly stream-lined and have high production value. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love a good story-telling game (Dead Space 1 & 2, Tomb Raider, any Metal Gear Solid game, Last Of Us, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Bioshock, etc), but that’s not what I’m talking about. The story has to have some kind of substance that makes me want to continue to watch the story unfold.

This is where graphics can only take you so far. You can have one of the best looking games out on the market at that time, and it’s still a pile of crap. Or, if there is no substance behind the fancy visuals, people will still see through it to the core – for an example of beauty over substance, see Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. I know that when I play a game, whether story driven or not, I want substance. I want a game that I’m excited to play when I stay up late watching my son, or a game that brings lasting appeal through multiplayer (local or online). I want a game that entertains me, pushes my skills, and drags me into its imaginary world. THAT’S what I want, and I’m willing to bet that most advanced gamers feel the same way.

So why this HD war? Why is Next-Gen console gaming solely based on specs? If you see a game that you want to play, then play it. It’s as simple as that. And what bothers me is that no matter what Nintendo does now, or what amazing games they release (or will be releasing), they get criticized for “their pile of crap” hardware, and the focus is on the specs. The Wii U is powerful. Is it as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One? No. But does that make it “last-gen?” NO. The Wii U is a new system, with new hardware (that is powerful, and specifically more powerful than last-gen systems), and new software.

So, why am I ranting about all of this? It boils down to a single statement; a simplistic perspective on which system to buy that has nothing to do with specs necessarily: which games do I want to play? It’s as simple as that. I have compiled my list of wanted/owned games (for 2014 and already released), and you’ll see why I bought a Wii U, and why I love my Wii U:


PS4 Games I Want (6 Games Total):

Xbox One Games I Want (3 Games Total):

Wii U Games I Want/Own (17):

As you can see, I lean more towards the Wii U. Why? Simply because it has the games that I want. What games do you want? Then get the system that works for you; don’t let specs, bad press, or what you think you know about a system deter you from games you want to play. Drop the HD wars, and just play games!





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