Mario Kart 8 News, But I’m A Little Frustrated

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is coming soon, and a ton of news was released within the last 24 hours. If you haven’t caught up with what’s happening, see this article, and watch the [awesome] video of gameplay below:

Now, I am extremely excited for this game, and from all the previews I’ve read about, the game looks great. In fact, even Kotaku seemed to be taken aback by the look of the game. I have my preorder in, and still waiting for what bonus(es) might be coming our way here in the States. But there is something that is bothering me a little…

No, it isn’t the 30 fps when playing 4 player mode (that is actually darn good, and everyone states that it still looks great – just not as good as single or two-player mode). It isn’t the fact that there isn’t a custom track editor (the game producer actually made a very valid point in an interview with Nintendo Life). My frustration lies with the usage of the GamePad. Nintendo is dropping the ball again – essentially, gamers can ditch the GamePad and just use the Wii remotes or pro controller. Now, there are still a couple months until it’s release, so I’m assuming it is possible to make a few additions still; even if they make the game 5 player – 4 players on the screen, while the GamePad user plays on their controller – would make the GamePad worth it.

I’ve stated many times before that Nintendo needs to utilize their GamePad, as that is their strongest selling point compared to the specs of the PS4 and Xbox One. Retro Studios didn’t help the cause with the excellent DKC Tropical Freeze by not even really including the GamePad. Now, Nintendo is using the GamePad in a minimalistic way. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m frustrated with Nintendo, because why would I pay $300 for a system that doesn’t use its most valuable asset? Why shouldn’t they just drop the price down to $200 and go with the pro controller (GamePad being optional)? I love the GamePad, and I think it really separates itself from the other next-gen consoles by creating a unique gaming experience; but only when it is used properly.

Anyway, Mario Kart 8 is still looking to be a most excellent game, and I will for sure be getting it (and promoting the heck out of it!). Go reserve your copy now and purchase a Wii U system (you can even get MarioKart for SNES in the virtual console to hold you over until release on May 30th!).




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