Wii U Game Library

Ok, so I’ve seen way too many people complaining about not having any games for the Wii U. On Miiverse, I’ve seen quite a few people saying they ware going to sell their console due to lack of games, and they may come back when there are more games. This doesn’t make any sense to me, as there are a ton of games on the Wii U. Granted, the first year wasn’t the absolute best (the first five or six months were terrible), but there are plenty of games now, with a ton more on the way this year. I decided to put a list together showing how many Wii U games released in 2013, and the 2014 list as well.


  1. Call of Duty Ghosts
  2. Injustice: Gods Among Us
  3. Lego Batman 2
  4. Lego City Undercover
  5. Lego Marvel Superheroes
  6. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  7. Need for Speed Most Wanted U
  8. Pikmin 3
  9. Assassins Creed 4
  10. Batman: Arkham Origins
  11. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  12. Rayman Legends
  13. The Wonderful 101
  14. Zelda Wind Waker HD
  15. Super Mario 3D World
  16. Sonic Lost World
  17. Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC


  1. DKC: Tropical Freeze
  2. Mariokart 8
  3. Bayonetta 2
  4. X
  5. Smash Bros (Assumed 2014)
  6. Hyrule Warriors
  7. Project Cars
  8. Child of Light
  9. Oddworld: New and Tasty
  10. Sonic Boom
  11. Watch Dogs (Assumed 2014; tentative)
  12. Lego Hobbit
  13. Batman: Blacklist Deluxe
  14. Lego Movie Videogame
  15. Transformers

These lists don’t even include all games coming to the system (these are the more well known ones), nor does it speak of the amazing indie games coming to the system – or out on the system already – such as UnEpic, Moon Chronicles, Armillo, Teslagrad, Hex Heroes, Shovel Knight and Guacamelee.

There are plenty of games to play, many with a ton of content. I’ve put in 25 hours into DKC: Tropical Freeze, 25+ hours into Deus Ex (still working on it), 20 hours into SM3DW, 12-13 hours into Wind Waker HD, 6 hours into NFS Most Wanted U (have barely touched the game), and 12 hours into Wonderful 101. I can still keep going with each game as well. So please, if you don’t want a Wii U, or want to get a different system, that’s fine; but don’t blame it on a weak game library. If the Wii U doesn’t offer the types of games you want, then that is a completely different perspective, and a valid one at that. I also hope this list helps Wii U owners to broaden their own libraries.


What Wii U games do you won, and which are your favorites? Which game(s) are you looking forward to this year?




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