The Last of Us Remastered…What?


My favorite game – as of this current moment, which I know has the possibility to change with the next new game – is The Last of Us. I borrowed a friend’s PS3 to play it, and couldn’t put it down until I beat it. From the emotional opening prologue, I was hooked. I’m a huge fan of post apocalyptic fiction, and add a great game on top of that, and you have a winner, as far as I’m concerned. It even ousted Dead Space 1 and 2 in my personal list of favorite games (people who know me know that means a lot, because the only thing I enjoy more than post apocalyptic fiction is good horror/sci-fi). I planned on getting the game on the PS backlog of games via the streaming service for the PS4 when I bought one later this year.

It was announced that they are rereleasing the game on PS4 as a “remastered” version, and putting the full price tag on it again. Wait….what? Really?

Yes, really. I love the game, and think it is deserving of [most] of its accolades and awards, but a full price tag for a game that was released over a year ago? That is somewhat disappointing to me; it isn’t like the game sold poorly. If the price hasn’t dropped by the time I get my PS4, I’m going to hold off on purchasing it. What do you think about this move by Naughty Dog and Sony?



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