Wii U – My Favorite Failure

I want to preface this post by stating that I enjoy my Wii U immensely. For the past 5 months or so, it’s all I’ve really played. And I will say this as well: it is worth buying, right now. I feel bad for day one Wii U owners, who went through a year long game drought. However, since October/November of last year, Nintendo has stepped up game production. The lack of 3rd party titles hasn’t helped, and I still think they can win them back, but Nintendo has to “wow” it’s audience for this entire year. Mariokart 8 helped to build hype, and was a step in the right direction. Marketing has been improved – more commercials, promotions, and social media usage. But, here they go again with, what I feel is, a huge botch.

By releasing Smash Bros. on the 3DS so far in advance to the Wii U version, Nintendo is shooting themselves in the foot, once again. I have a 3DS and Wii U, and if I didn’t want the console version so much, I would end up getting the 3DS version, without getting the console version. Many people own a 3DS, but not a Wii U. So, how would this game, a proposed hardware mover with the likes of Mariokart 8, help to convince the 3DS users to buy a Wii U? Or, since the two games are almost identical, why would anyone want to purchase both?

I know I’m frustrated right now, and will again before the end of the year, I’m sure, but come on Nintendo. Release both games at the same time. Or, perhaps, incorporate cross platform, which would entice gamers to buy both versions. I still highly recommend the Wii U (for a list of games I suggest, see my earlier post “Wii U Game Library.” But, I have a bad feeling about the console version of Smash Bros, and I’m baffled, once again, by Nintendo’s business moves.



6 thoughts on “Wii U – My Favorite Failure

  1. The only reason I bought I original Wii on the day it came out was because Twilight Princess was being released on the same day. However, TP was also going to be on GameCube, so why was I willing to buy a new system for a game I could play without it? Well, while the story was the same regardless of version, the mechanics on the Wii looked much better, and much more unique when compared to anything else available at the time.

    The reason I am telling this story is because I see the possibility of a similar thing happening with Smash Bros. We may get some further announcements that will entice players to pick up a Wii U despite the 3DS option, just as I was enticed to pick up the system’s predecessor.


    1. I have hope as well, Jessica, in that something else will be released. A pipe dream perhaps, but I’m still holding out for cross platform play. I’m just frustrated with Nintendo because there are so many missed opportunities to help them sell systems. I’m still getting the Wii U version, and I’m glad to see many are still hyped for that specific version.


    2. Also, I saw you hadn’t gotten a Wii U yet, because you were waiting for Smash Bros (possibly). Have you gotten to play any Wii U games? That’s what convinced me to buy mine, and haven’t regretted it one bit! (And I own a 3DS as well)


      1. What one me over was playing Super Mario 3D World with my wife and brother-in-law. You should give it a shot! 😉 especially now that you can buy the Mario bundle for $250 for the next 6 hours (check my latest tweets)


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