Halfway There – Watch_Dogs to Arrive on Wii U 2014


Nintendo Enthusiast just reported that an Ubisoft representative informed them that Watch_Dogs is, in fact, scheduled to arrive on Wii U Fall 2014.

Now, earlier I had made some predictions with Ubisoft and Nintendo, and it appears to be well on its way to coming true (huzzah!) I expected to see a release date sooner than we all expected, though I thought we would find out more about it after Mariokart 8 releases and moves hardware (so Ubisoft could see the numbers of new Wii U owners and possible sales for their new game). So, now that we are looking at a Fall release date – go figure, inbetween Mariokart 8 and Smash Bros – one last thing remains to come true. If Ubisoft truly utilizes the GamePad, I think this game will sell really well on the Wii U. Will it sell as much as the other consoles? No, I don’t think so. But it will sell enough to make Ubisoft start taking a more solid stance alongside Nintendo, and send a message to other developers that they can profit from their games on Wii U as long as they actually USE the GamePad.

I’m still excited to play this game on my Wii U, and hope many other Wii U owners are as well. Are you looking forward to this game coming to Wii U?



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