4 Games That the Wii U Could Use

This is not a post telling Nintendo what to do. This is not a post saying that by following these instructions and creating these games, the Wii U will singlehandedly be saved out of the grasp of “Nintendoom.” This post is about games that would enhance the Wii U experience, as well as fit in perfectly with the types of games Nintendo seems to produce, all the while applying to various age groups of gamers. These games would reinvigorate the third party scene – not save the Wii U, once again – and fill in gaps between the first party titles throughout the year. Now that I’ve established what this post is, let’s dive in!


1.) Evolve – This game by Turtle Rock Studios, set to release on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam, revolves around true cooperative gameplay (think of the Left 4 Dead series). Evolve pits a group of players working together to take down a massively overpowered monster. This sounds similar to games like Monster Hunter 3, right? Well, there’s a twist to Evolve: the monster is controlled by another player. This not only sounds like it would be a great online multiplayer game, but create incredibly fun local multiplayer trash-talking contests, the likes of which came from Mariokart and Smash Bros. On top of the multiplayer madness to surely ensue from this game, the art style would fit right in with the Wii U, with a semi cartoonish quality to it that screams exaggeration. This is not to say that the Wii U can’t have adult games with realistic visuals, but when you think of over-the-top cartoonish games, don’t you think of Nintendo first? Cooperative gameplay, with larger than life characters, and solid gameplay equals a great experience on the Wii U (if only they would bring it over to the system!), and add the online play and perhaps Nintendo’s revised online system might be noticed a little more.

Time Splitters

2.) Time Splitters – I played Time Splitters: Future Perfect on my GameCube years ago, and man did I love it. Quality gameplay, a hero resembling Vin Diesel, and awesome writing filled the game world and created an enjoyable experience. What was even better was playing through the game in co-op, working together to take on obstacles. The reason a new Time Splitters would be a great addition to the Wii U is that solid FPS games are needed on it. Add in the art style known in the Time Splitters franchise, the whacky storyline, and co-op play and you have another successful game that would bring more attention to Nintendo’s latest console.

Beyond Good and Evil

3.) Beyond Good and Evil (1 & 2) – Recently, Michel Ancel revealed concept art of Jade from Beyond Good and Evil during a Twitch TV stream of Rayman Legends on the PS4. Now, I’m going to hold out hope that Ubisoft keeps to their words and stands by Nintendo; releasing Beyond Good and Evil 2 on all next gen consoles (yes, that means the Wii U as well). I bought the original game on my GameCube and absolutely loved it. The art direction, gameplay, and storyline completely took me by surprise (well, there were many who were taken by surprise by this sleeper hit). Why would this be a good addition? Well, for starters, the original was released on a Nintendo console. Also, Ubisoft could release the HD version of the first game on the eShop to help make even more of a profit. A third person action adventure game would fit very nicely into a Wii U library. And because of the style of gameplay and visuals, this game could quite possibly really appeal to younger gamers as well. This game proves that you don’t have to have language, sex, and outrageous violence to make an adult-themed game, and I think both Nintendo and Ubisoft would benefit greatly if this came to Wii U.

X Men Legends

4.) X-Men Legends – Well, or another well done Gauntlet-type game. I choose X-men because Marvel is all the rage now (woohoo!) and I love the X-men. I bought the first game in the franchise on my GameCube and loved playing 4 player with my friends. The Wii U is a great local multiplayer game, and this is exactly why it would help sell hardware, as well as selling a sufficient amount of units. Who loves super heroes? All ages. Who loves to play multiplayer? Most people do. Combine them, and what do you get? A game that could possibly help to boost sales for the Wii U and be a whole lot of fun.

So, those are the games I believe would be beneficial for both the developer and for Nintendo, bringing in needed revenue for the latest Nintendo console. What games do you think would help build an even stronger Wii U library and more sales to the Wii U?



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