Wii U Sales Numbers

I saw a post via Twitter a couple days ago stating that the Wii U was officially as old as the Dreamcast when it was decided to cancel production on it, and that the Wii U had only sold half of what the Dreamcast did. Now, I’m not going to say Wii U sales are great, because they aren’t. During its life, the Wii U can, in fact, be considered a failure. However, I’m not a fan of the “Nintendoom” crowd, either. Looking at these things is all about perception and perspective. The Wii U is NOT going to be cancelled soon, and the mysterious Fusion project rumored earlier this year regarding Nintendo’s next console, won’t be coming soon either. Here’s why:

1.) There is a key difference between Sega (who created the Dreamcast) and Nintendo: Money. Nintendo has a lot of money. And when I say a lot, I really mean a lot. Sega didn’t have that kind of money as the Dreamcast failed, so they couldn’t keep it in production. Imagine if the PS3 had been cancelled, due to terrible sales. The PS3 is NOW considered a success, but the first years of its life were terrible, and in fact seemed very similar to Wii U and Dreamcast sales. But how did it survive? Sony learned from its mistakes and poured money into the PS3. Keep in mind that this was not an overnight process, but a slow, arduous one. Nintendo has money, and they have begun their redemption process (started last October). So why can’t Nintendo turn the Wii U around with amazing first party games this year, MUCH improved marketing and promotion, the possibility to start really bringing back 3rd party developers (by promoting games sales of Watch_Dogs, Child of Light, and Project Cars), and an indie scene worth taking notice of?

2.) Wii U sales have NOT been bad since October. In fact, from October 2013 to February 2014, the Wii U has roughly sold 2.15 million units. That’s almost half of its total sales in FIVE MONTHS! Of course, these are estimated numbers, give or take a few thousand units (since we don’t always get hard numbers, but rather, percentile increases and decreases). If averaged out, that would put the Wii U selling about 430,000 units a month for five months straight. Those are not bad numbers at all. See here:

October to December 2013
January 2014
February 2014

So, forgive me when I completely ignore the cries of doom for Nintendo when I see they had poor sales in March – selling only 70,000 units. That still isn’t bad, when no new killer AAA games were released throughout March. I believe Nintendo is gearing up to be producing a massive onslaught of games starting with Child of Light and Mario Kart 8, hence the software silence for a month and a half (also keep in mind DKC: Tropical Freeze released towards the end of February). Nintendo is improving, and everyone expects them to improve overnight, or they are done. This is complete nonsense: Nintendo has the money to keep pumping into the Wii U and pushing it, people like Iwata and Miyamoto are now really pressured to make great decisions and produce some games, and the Wii U has sold well in the past five months. The Wii u isn’t going anywhere, and I’m not buying into “Nintendoom” any longer.



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