Two Games to Watch For: Armillo & Child of Light

There are some exciting games coming up for the Wii U and 3DS systems; Mario Kart 8, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Mario Golf: World Tour being the headlining games. But there are two games I want to draw attention to, and need our support: Armillo and Child of Light.

  • Armillo – This game is created by Fuzzy Wuzzy Games, and is shaping up to be an amazing game with various gaming elements: Action/Adventure, Platformer, and Puzzle game. With very Nintendo-like visuals, creative art design, and what appears to be a good amount of variation between all the aforementioned genres, the game looks to deliver an indie game that isn’t the typical side scrolling, 2D platformer. Keep your eyes out for this one, releasing on the eShop in May.
  • Child of Light – I’ve promoted this game before, and will continue to do so. This game looks great, and it’s by the team that brought us the most excellent Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. Why is this game on my radar, you ask? Because a well known 3rd party developer (Ubisoft) produced it and is releasing it on the Wii U the same time as it is released for all other systems. It is very important that Wii U owners purchase this game within the first week of release, because if it does really well on Wii U, and it is just an eShop downloadable game, Ubisoft will have more incentive to keep bringing the AAA titles to the Wii U at the same time they are released for other systems. Plus, just watch the video below and tell me it doesn’t look FANTASTIC. Child of Light releases next week, on April 29th, so pick it up!




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