Wii U Misconception – Game Release Calendar

I’ve been seeing a lot of skeleton articles thrashing on Nintendo lately. March was not a good selling month for the Big N, as Wii U sales were only at 70,000 units. The problem is that no one is taking into account that Nintendo has made a genuine change and has been staying (somewhat) true to their word: they would have to produce more games, and utilize the GamePad more. The latter is yet to be seen (as most the games recently released were already in production and I’m assuming they didn’t have time to incorporate the GamePad more). However, the first promise has been upheld, even with little to no 3rd party support.

It seems that many journalists are jumping onto the Nintendo-bashing bandwagon, and creating more bad press, despite Nintendo’s slow road to redemption and attempts to change their course. What do I mean? Nintendo’s marketing sucked, so since November (release of SM3DW) they have shown confidence in their games and promoted them like crazy (ie – DKC:TF commercials and contests, MK8 special promotion events and early game demo for journalists, Smash Bros-centric Direct). Nintendo’s game library wasn’t big enough, so they announce Bayonetta 2, X, Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Sonic Boom, [recently] a new Fatal Frame, and tons of intriguing indie games. Their system is behind in the “specs wars,” so they show what the Wii U can do with Mario Kart 8. Since October/November, Nintendo has been doing the right things, and yet people are throwing bad press. So I’m ending this now, for better or worse. Nintendo sales were abysmal for 9 months straight in 2013, from January to September. That is on Nintendo completely; or as one of my friends always says, “That was bad, and they should feel bad.” And I’m not delusional in fanboy-ism: Nintendo’s marketing for both 1st and 3rd party games was atrocious at best. And Nintendo has yet to prove true on their promise about the GamePad, so we will see how that goes.

All that being said, I did a little digging to see how much the Wii U game release calendar was getting bombed by the competition (PS4 and Xbox One). Other than November (right around when both PS4 and Xbox One were released), I was legitimately surprised that the Wii U was not being blown out of the water in terms of quantity of games released. In fact, it was rather impressive, considering the lack of 3rd party support that the other two consoles have in spades. See below for my comparisons of games released, both downloadable and retail (physical) games:

November – 26 games released
December – 7 games released
January – 3 games released
February – 5 games released (1 game a port from PS3)

Xbox One:
November – 23 games released
December – 3 games released
January – 1 game released
February – 5 games released (1 game a port from Xbox 360)

Wii U:
November – 13 games released
December – 6 games released
January – 4 games released
February – 4 games released

Keep in mind, this is not about preference – what types of games you may find appealing – because that varies. The issue in question here is quantity of games, and as you can see, the Wii U was only blown out of the water in November. I also decided to look up May and June releases, just for the heck of it, and here is what I found:

May – 5 games (1 game a port from PS3)
June – 3 games
Q2 – 11 games

Xbox One
May – 2 games
June – 3 games
Q2 – 4 games

Wii U
May – 2 games
June – 1 game
Q2 – 10 games

Here are some links for the above stats:


In addition to this misconception of the Wii U system, sales in the past 5 months – excluding March, as that was indeed a terrible month for Nintendo – have been pretty darn decent (see my post “Wii U Sales”).

One final point I want to bring up is that fact that the PS3 was a complete flop and drained money from Sony the first 3 years or so of its life. Now we call it a success, but keep in mind it was not a fast process, nor was it a perfect one, but Sony stuck through it and it paid off in the end.

I ask you, the reader, to share this article, and help to dissipate the negative press surrounding the Wii U. I once despised the Wii U and wanted it to flop because I thought it was a joke; then I actually played it and realized how much information was being left out or fractured in regards to the whole picture. Nintendo is attempting to redeem themselves, so we should support them making better decisions.



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