Armillo – Keep A Look Out for May Release


I mentioned in an earlier post that there are a couple games to have on your radar if you are a Wii U owner. One of which I have been spreading the word on for some time (Child of Light). The other comes from a company named Fuzzy Wuzzy Games – Armillo. Armillo is shaping up to be an awesome experience with many hands on previews (by both journalists and average gamers) expressing their delight and excitement with the game via social media. For a few instances, see below:

Emily Rogers Interview

Pure Nintendo Hands On Preview


The game looks and sounds great, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. What I specifically like about it is that it has potential to appeal to various different genres. I plan on doing a mini series of sorts in the coming few weeks to showcase why Armillo is the perfect game for various types of gamers. You like puzzles? Maybe action/adventure? What about platformers? Maybe you just love soundtracks to games, and have yet to hear a solid indie soundtrack? Armillo is your game!

Be on the look out for Armillo, expected to release on May 15, 2014 on the Nintendo eShop.




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