E3 Rumors – The Good and Bad


Recently there were rumors that Nintendo was going to be releasing new hardware at E3 this year. It has since then been denied – very clearly – by Nintendo. Around this time every year the rumor mill fires up and we start to get all sorts of stories. These rumors are equal parts good and bad. Why? Well, let me explain:


  1. The Rumors Are A GOOD Thing – Why buy into stories and “facts” that are only rumors? Because they spark our creativity and imaginations to go wild. Think about it: wouldn’t you be excited to hear that virtual reality was not an in-the-future type of play, but would be readily available with demos AT E3? What about a new Nintendo handheld that functions as both an HD version of the 3DS and a GamePad? Rumors before E3 bring out a child-like perspective on the video game industry that we can lose the older we become. Not only do our imaginations get a work out, but our creativity shines through, sparking discussions regarding gaming consoles and game companies.
  2. The Rumors Are A BAD Thing – I’m actually really glad Nintendo came out and set the record straight, saying they are not revealing any new hardware. Why? Because they are keeping us focused on the awesome stuff they have announced they will be doing. This way, our expectations don’t get raised to unnatural heights; ultimately leading to huge disappointment when we see what is actually revealed at E3. For instance, Nintendo has been doing an awesome job the past few months with promoting and marketing – so much so that a couple days ago the Wii U and Mario Kart 8 were trending worldwide. With huge potential behind the “Digital Show” and unscripted Treehouse session, as well as the Smash Bros tournament, Nintendo has been setting things up very nicely for their E3 show, so why throw that out the window with unrealistic rumors bringing the gaming masses back down to earth in a depressing way?

I guess the point of all this is to say enjoy the rumors, and maybe even feed into them, but don’t bet on them either. That being said, happy rumoring in May! What rumors are you looking in to?




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