Why Is There Complaining?

I’ve seen many posts, tweets, comments, blogs, articles….basically most types of social media….regarding the lack of games from Nintendo. I have been playing my Wii U for the past five months straight. My poor 360 has begun to gather dust, unless I use it for the (poorly done) WWE app. So when I saw that there is a lack of Nintendo-made games, I was curious. Yes, I got the Wii U late, and I’m back logged (due to getting it so late), but could there really be a drought? I know 3rd party support isn’t there, as well…but a lack of Nintendo games? I did a little looking and found out it’s a bunch of bull.

Below is a list of games that are published by either SCE (Sony), Microsoft, or Nintendo. These are retail games (not indie games, but bigger developers), as well.

 Sony Computer Entertainment Published Games Releasing/Released in 2014: Total – 4

  1. Drive Club
  2. The Order: 1886
  3. MLB: The Show
  4. inFamous: Second Son

Microsoft Published Games Releasing/Released in 2014: Total – 3

  1. Kinect Sports Rivals
  2. Project Spark
  3. Sunset Overdrive

Nintendo Published Games Releasing/Released in 2014: Total – 7

  1. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  2. Wii Fit U
  3. Mario Kart 8
  4. Super Smash Bros Wii U
  5. X
  6. Bayonetta 2
  7. Hyrule Warriors

Now, granted, where the Wii U is suffering is with 3rd party games, but Nintendo has the chance to win some of them back this year if they make the right moves. And you know what? So far this year, Nintendo HAS been making the right moves. So why are people complaining? Check out my latest podcast to find out why: SPIN. There is so much negative spin out there for Nintendo – they they did bring upon themselves for a terrible first year for the Wii U – that people just automatically assume the Wii U is terrible. I was one of those people. What changed my mind was when I played the quality games Nintendo has released. There’s no room for complaining here.

Why are YOU waiting to get a Wii U? Or, why DID you purchase a Wii U already?



7 thoughts on “Why Is There Complaining?

    1. Well, I thought Sony and Microsoft would be killing Wii U in this department. I already knew they were with 3rd part support, but that can change really quickly if those companies smell possible success with Nintendo. When I did some looking, I couldn’t believe I didn’t find more for PS4 and Xbox One this year


      1. yea, I looked at the list of games to be released this year for PS4 and it looks pretty great…but not amazing, if that makes sense…Nintendo always blows their load on every console cuz they release the same game every time.


      2. Well, just about every console has franchises they keep bringing back (ie – Halo, Killzone, Mario). What I’m surprised about is what Nintendo is bringing back/helping to create. Like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Fatal Frame (not 2014), and X. That’s a decent list to add to the Zelda, DK, and Mario games


  1. Agreed, I think the N is LONG overdue for some new blood. Bayonetta is a nice addition. Not sure what X or Fatal Frame are but I hear lots of people talking about it. And people who’ve played it seem to really enjoy W101.


    1. X is an open world JRPG/real time gameplay mix with mechs (not doing it justice) and Fatal Frame isn’t a new franchise, but it was always on a Sony machine. Horror games with unique gameplay focused on photography. And I’ll add to the W101 love, too. I agree – every one of these new franchises are much needed


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