Nintendo Investor Meeting – May 2014

Nintendo had their investor meeting for the fiscal year end yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by it, and it is yet another step in the right direction. It was good to see Nintendo still making GOOD headlines, despite the negative press it has been receiving (yesterday getting hammered again for poor Wii U sales). For the important bits from the meeting, see below (this doesn’t cover all of it, but key parts):

  1. New system being worked on, no release date
  2. Hyrule Warriors & Bayonetta 2 coming in Summer in Japan, X releasing 2014
  3. NFP coming to Wii U and 3DS
  4. Wii U no longer selling at a loss
  5. E3 will reveal more about NFP and GamePad specific usage in games
  6. Quality of Life coming in 2015
  7. Mario Kart 8 mobile app on the way

So why was this good? Let me explain…

Firstly, I gained respect for Iwata. He stated that a new system would not be released until current customers were happy with their console right now.


This is a great thing because it assures Wii U owners that their system won’t be obsolete any time soon and they will have to move on to another console, as well as assuring the haters (or perhaps people who like to look to the future) that another system is, in fact, being worked on. Well done, Iwata.


Second, The NFP (NFC Figurine Program) is genius; it will appeal to people like myself who have never really been into NFC (Near Field Communication) gaming, but wouldn’t mind having Nintendo figurines that just so happen to unlock figurine specific content within various games. In addition to that, it will draw the family crowd back into market to get a Wii U. My only problem with NFCs before was the pricing: they were always overpriced. But Nintendo normally prices out their products at reasonable prices, so we will see. Again, well done Nintendo.

original bayonetta_2_2014_game-wide

Third….Thank you Nintendo for giving us more narrowed dates for games like Bayonetta 2 and X! This is a very good thing, and though these are dates only for Japan, we can bet that NA and EU will be close behind. More games to look forward to in 2014! Yet again, well done, Nintendo.


Finally, the announcement that the Wii U is no longer selling at a loss is very key, especially in an investor meeting. This assures the investors that more profit is coming; think about what sales will look like after May 30th (Mario Kart 8). This was much needed to counteract the fiscal year earnings report.

After seeing what happened at this meeting, it further solidified that I think Nintendo will have a monstrous year. Revealing release dates for anticipated games, NFP to bring in the family crowd again, no loss in selling Wii U units, assurance to both loyal customers and potential customers, bringing E3 directly to the fans, huge marketing and promotions, amazing deals for their systems (ie – Mario Kart bundles), even more surprises to come at E3, and attempting to start a market in a previously untapped region….what more could you ask from Nintendo? Well done, Nintendo. Well done.



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