E3 Predictions

I’ve been seeing the E3 prediction circulating around the internet, and I figure it’s about time I put my predictions into the hat as well. So what will Nintendo reveal this year? Here’s what I think.

  1.  Digital Event – Hilariously silly video, probably along the lines of Reggie Fils-A-Mech, introducing Nintendo to E3 this year. The video will then move on to the meat: Zelda U official announcement and estimated release for Summer/Fall 2014; more X information/videos/possibly demo; (2) new IPs introduced (one being the Retro Studios/Miyamoto project), one being GamePad-centric; (2) new games from familiar franchises (I’m guessing Metroid and a new NintendoLand – maybe NintendoWorld or NintendoLand 2), both highlighting GamePad features very strongly. We will also receive more info on Smash Bros for both systems, and get (3) new key 3DS games announced.
  2. Treehouse Event – I’m really excited about this because it will be unscripted and will showcase games. I think the games they will show off are (2) 3DS games that will be announced (and possibly a glimpse at the upcoming Pokemon coming this Fall); Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros (both Wii U and 3DS), new Zelda demo, the remaining unknown game that will show of the GamePad, and an unknown game that will be a complete surprise (for better or worse).
  3. Smash Bros Event – I think this will be one of THE biggest things at E3, both inside and outside the event. This might take the spotlight for the entire event.

And there you have it. That’s what I think will be coming to E3 this year. I know this is partly hope, but hey, why not? What do you think will be coming to E3 this year?





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