Mario Kart 8 Test Drive Weekend

Various GameStops are promoting Mario Kart 8 this weekend, and I made sure to stop by. My wife, child, and I were out (of course, this was a stop on the way to the planned events for the evening), and I was interested to see my wife’s impression of the game (not being an advanced gamer). As soon as she was done playing she said 3 things: “this game is gorgeous,” “I love the way the karts feel in this one,” and “this is a lot of fun!” Check out the video to see a snippet of what you can enjoy this weekend. Be sure to make it out to your local GameStop and give Mario Kart 8 a try!



2 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Test Drive Weekend

  1. I never knew you ran a website! Cool! 😀
    Oh, and this is Gerard from Miiverse…
    Good job, you seem to half a great thing here that you operate on your behalf…
    Can’t wait for MK8 too! I was too amazed by the graphics, even though the demo tv was not that good, but will look even better on my 3D Led TV lol!
    -Gerard… 🙂


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