More Details for Hyrule Warriors Surface

Gematsu has revealed some more info regarding the upcoming cross-developed Zelda game titled Hyrule Warriors. You can see the full article here. The game is a cross between the Zelda and Dynasty Warriors franchises, becoming a Wii U exclusive hitting this August in Japan, and a later date in other regions.

A new playable character was released – Impa – along with news that more characters would be revealed as time goes on. In addition, two enemies were teased at; their names are only partially filled in, and one looks like it could be Vaati, from the stellar Zelda: Minish Cap. In addition, a hard release date and some areas were revealed for the game.

Now, I’ve never been a huge Dynasty Warriors fan, and the first – and only – gameplay trailer for the game was lackluster, to say the least. Honestly, the gameplay looked bland, and the graphical quality seemed closer to Wii capabilities than what is actually possible on the Wii U.


Now, a part of me really wants this game to be good, because I would love two very distinct action games in one year (the other being Bayonetta 2) for my Wii U, but I’m still skeptical about it. The closer we get to launch, the more info will be released, and my opinions may change. With this reveal, however, my viewpoint has remained unchanged. But I’ll hold judgment for some time after August, when it releases here in the States.

Are you excited for Hyrule Warriors?



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