Ubisoft Not Showing Any Games for Nintendo at E3

Nintendo World Report has confirmed that Ubisoft has all but verbally stated that “they’re out.” Ubisoft will not be showing any Wii U or 3DS games off at E3 in a few weeks. They also stated last year that they would re-evaluate their partnership with Nintendo after the 2013 holiday season. Looks like they’ve made their decision.

This is a big time bummer (yes, I just quoted The Big Lebowsky), because Watch_Dogs could’ve actually helped sales and pushed some positivity towards other 3rd party developers. It is very likely, now, that won’t be happening, and that Watch_Dogs for Wii U will be cancelled. We won’t know for sure until Ubisoft verbally says, “Watch_Dogs is cancelled on Wii U,” but the recent track record for the developer has shown they have little interest in doing business with Nintendo. We will see as the year goes on, I suppose.



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