What Difference A Day Can Make

It truly is amazing to me how one day can change the perspective on a software title. Case in point, Hyrule Warriors. Before Thursday – my interest was piqued on Wednesday, which turned into full-fledged excitement Thursday – I had no interest whatsoever in the upcoming collaboration between Eiji Aonuma, Tecmo Koei, and Team Ninja. I figured the game to simply be a push for sales in Japan. Boy, was I wrong…

If you didn’t hear about it, you can check my posts from yesterday regarding the recent reveals of the game, which includes beautiful screenshots, playable characters and enemy designs, and hints at DLC and possible ports. This news has gotten me, as well as many others here in the west, excited about a game previously being swept under the rug. The game is now not on,y a day one buy for me at this point, but I plan on getting the special edition of it (please, please bring that TriForce clock to the States!) This whole reveal, which, by the way, was a very small amount of info, brought up another issue: why doesn’t Nintendo release a steady stream of info on all their upcoming software?

Now, granted, too much info can saturate and kill the hype for a game (I have to say my interest in Watch_Dogs has decreased over the past 5 months, unfortunately), but the fans – and the haters – need to know what’s going on. If there’s a constant trickle of info, then hype can be built around each software title. If Nintendo wants to keep up their recent trend of genuinely backing their products, this is a “must do.” Hopefully E3 will be the catalyst that starts this trend.



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