Bayonetta 2 Looks to be Rated Mature


Some news regarding the rating for the upcoming exclusive Wii U game, Bayonetta 2, was revealed this morning. It looks to be rated 15+ in Australia, which would most likely lead to a “Mature” rating here in the States. You can see the info here. Now, this is great news, as the game is violent, bloody (both great for an action-oriented game), and will most likely have sexual allusions riddled throughout the game. However, there is something a little unsettling in this document: it reads at the top of the page Multi Platform. I’m sure this is a typo, but stranger things have happened, and I’m hoping this to not be one of those stranger situations.

It was also stated by Hideki Kamiya, the creator of Bayonetta, that promotion of the game is resting on the shoulders of Nintendo. I sincerely hope that this amazing wave of marketing/promoting Nintendo has been doing this year – especially for Mario Kart 8 – will continue to roll into this game and even further. The Wonderful 101 is an excellent game, also made by Platinum Games, that is under-appreciated, partly due to the lack of advertising and marketing the game. So, let’s hope Nintendo keeps the Hype Train going.


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