Iwata Still In/Mario Kart Races Past 2 Million Mark – June Investors Meeting

Though Iwata-San has been recovering from a recent surgery (get well soon!), the investors meeting was still held today. It was looking fairly bleak for Mr. Iwata in the past months, but he was voted in again to be “the guy in charge.” I must say that I wasn’t impressed by Mr. Iwata until the past 6 months, and especially the last 3 months.

I really appreciated his stance on current Wii U owners and his general view of the Wii U. Also, Nintendo has seemed to finally gotten back into the swing of things and are going back to what makes them great; being goofy and making great software.

It was also reported that Mario Kart 8 has passed the 2 million units checkpoint. That should keep the haters quiet, at least for a little while. All in all, it was another good investors meeting, and it seems that 2014 is still looking to be a great one for Nintendo!


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