Nintendo Added as Sponsor for Professional Competitive Gaming


I had mentioned a couple months ago that I had a feeling Nintendo would be getting into the professional competitive gaming scene with Smash Bros. U; what gave it away was the announcement of the Game Cube controller adaptor to be released around the same time as Smash Bros. U. Next, after speaking with various gamers who were able to “test drive” the game, there were plenty of mentions that the latest iteration of the franchise was much closer to Melee (heralded as the best Smash Bros. for competition) – no floating, random stumbles, and the option to play “For Glory.”

Now, it looks like Nintendo is officially stepping into the match; they have been added as a sponsor for EVO, a well known competitive fighting game group. You can view the site here. I’m really glad to see Nintendo stepping into this realm of gaming, and I believe it will do nothing but help with sales and regain some hardcore gamers’ respect. It’s good Nintendo is venturing out of their comfort zone, and I’m sure this will be a smash hit with everyone (sorry, but I had to)




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