Project Cars Delayed on Wii U

The title states it all. The real question is: are you truly surprised? What is baffling is that the game will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam in November when 3 other anticipated games will be releasing, 2 of which are racing games: Drive Club, The Crew, and Halo Anniversary Edition. This will already put sales at risk, as gamers might very well be spending their hard earned money on the other, more well known, titles.

This move also doesn’t make any sense, as this will most assuredly kill sales from what they have the potential to be on the Wii U; many gamers – myself included – feel insulted by this move, and might very well skip on the title. This, again, is baffling, considering that most people want to play the game on Wii U or PC. You can see here for yourself.

The Wii U leads the pack, with Steam close why push it back?
The Wii U leads the pack, with Steam close behind…so why push it back?

This is sad news, as many Wii U owners were looking forward to this game and appreciated the love that Slightly Mad Studios originally began with. Are you a Wii U owner, and will you be picking Project Cars up still? You can send any questions or complaints via the Project Cars Twitter – @WMDcars



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