Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Info

In case you missed it last night, there was a Nintendo Direct featuring the upcoming game Hyrule Warriors, being developed by Koei Tecmo, along with supervision from Aiji Aonuma. You can watch the Direct by clicking the picture below.

Hyrule Warriors

So what did they talk about? What could possibly be new that they haven’t already revealed to us? Well, for starters, they released a new game mode titled” Adventure Mode, where players navigate a map that looks like the original Zelda. The player has to meet specific criteria/complete objectives in order to move on to the next grid. It’s an interesting – and welcome – addition to the game.

Retro awesomeness!
Retro awesomeness!

One other surprise we received was a new playable character – Gannondorf. I’ve got to say, Gannondorf looks amazing, and I cannot wait to play as him. It was also announced that there will be retailer-specific pre-order bonuses in the forms of skins. Club Nintendo will also be utilizing these DLC skins as well. This is welcome news, as retailers will benefit from Nintendo’s latest title, and create a type of exclusivity for gamers (ie – you get to choose what you want, and it won’t be the same as everyone else).

Sakurai, please use THIS Gannondorf in SSB4!
Sakurai, please use THIS Gannondorf in SSB4!

All in all, it was a very good Direct, as has been the case with most of the Directs we’ve received this year. I can’t wait to get my hands on this title!


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