How To Set Up Club Nintendo & Deluxe Digital Program for Wii U

Welcome new Wii U owners! Well, and those who have owned a Wii U, but didn’t know about all these rewards Nintendo utilizes. If you need help getting your Club Nintendo and Wii U Deluxe Program set up, look no further! Club Nintendo and the Deluxe Digital Promotion offer rewards for Nintendo gamers who simply buy games, so it’s free stuff for games you were already planning on buying. I’ll walk you through, step by step, so that you can get on track for free stuff.

1.) First, set up your Wii U with a Nintendo ID (NNID) before doing anything.

2.) Next, go to Club Nintendo and set up a new account. Fill in your info and follow the steps provided on the site

Go to and sign in
Go to and sign in

3.) Once your Club Nintendo account is set up, register your Wii U on the site, and link your NNID to your Club Nintendo account by going to the eShop menu on your Wii U, selecting “My Menu,” then linking your accounts together

Go to the eShop, Select "My Menu," then link your account
Go to the eShop, Select “My Menu,” then link your account

4.) Next, after adding any games you may have onto Club Nintendo, go to the Wii U Deluxe Digital Program and sign up/link your Wii U to the site.

Now, here’s how each site works:

  • Register your games and/or systems on Club Nintendo to earn coins. You’ll also have the option to take surveys regarding your registered products, which will add coins as well (the surveys are very short and should only take you a few minutes each). You can then use the coins for free stuff on the site, which changes monthly – both in the form of digital game downloads and physical gifts. However, not all games give coins. You cannot register all games via Club Nintendo. Just make sure to look for the registration code on the inside of the case, or look for the code when you digitally download a game via the eShop.
  • The Deluxe Digital Program tracks what games you download in the eShop and gives you credit depending on how much the game is. If a game is $4.99, then you get 49 points towards an eShop gift card – you gather 500 points to get $5.00 credit for the eShop. Keep in mind, if you buy a retail game via the eShop, not can you get coins for Club Nintendo, it will give you points towards eShop credit (in other words, a game that is $59.99 on the eShop will give you 599 points, which is an instant $5.00 eShop gift card)

And that’s it; you’re done! Now go out there and earn your coins!





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