Pokemon Game iOS App & Why it’s Good for Nintendo

It was recently announced that Nintendo sales for the Wii U have drastically improved, and now it was just announced that stock for the gaming giant rose 4%. Why this rise? A Pokemon card game is coming to the iOS app store. After many arguments regarding Nintendo bringing their IPs to mobile gaming, it looks like one is on the way – though technically it is a Game Freak game, which is owned by Nintendo, thus making it a 2nd party game. So, what does this mean for Nintendo?

I think this is a great move, and something they should emulate on their Nintendo app they’ll be releasing. Perhaps this will be on the app, and you download the game through it. This is a way to appease those who want Nintendo games on their mobile phone or tablet, while keeping their main IPs pure from being downgraded or “watered down” to meet the expectations for a mobile game. Here’s why I think it’s a good thing:

  1. This type of game doesn’t affect Nintendo’s main IPs. One of the most prevalent concerns if Nintendo went mobile is that the quality of their games would be destroyed; lowered for a gaming crowd that usually doesn’t care about in-depth gameplay or story. This type of game caters to the general mobile gaming crowd, while not touching the main franchise. Our Pokemon games won’t be tarnished or seeded out to other companies to create their own versions. So, the Nintendo purists and fans are pleased to know their gaming experiences won’t be hindered, while the mobile gaming crowd gets their fill of Nintendo games on their phone or tablet.
  2. This will bring in more revenue for Nintendo. Let’s face it: whether we like mobile gaming or not, it does have the ability to make money. This, by itself, isn’t necessarily a good reason to switch to or make games for the platform, but coupled with the fact that it shouldn’t really hinder sales of the key consoles (right now, that would be the Wii U and 3DS), this is a no-brainer. Money will be made from this, as people will most likely think, “Oh, a Nintendo game for my phone? I’ve got to try it out!” More money for Nintendo means more stock increases, which is a great move for business.
  3. This has major potential to rope the mobile gamers into a Nintendo console. The purpose of the Nintendo app discussed earlier this year would be to draw people in to buy a console (Wii U and/or 3DS). So, not only would a mobile game like the Pokemon card game not affect the software, or sales of said software, but could have the potential to increase sales and awareness of the latest Nintendo consoles. Think about it: a mobile gamer plays the Pokemon card game, and really likes it – what do they do? They look for more Pokemon games, which will lead them to the 3DS, with Pokemon X/Y released already, and Ruby/Sapphire releasing (coincidentally) later this year. What if a Smash Bros mini game (again, not hindering or affecting the main franchise on the Wii U and 3DS) was released, and it was favorably viewed? There’s a very good possibility that Wii U/3DS sales along with the console game of choice will rise.
  4. If it fails, the the stockholders know that mobile gaming isn’t the way to go. Let’s say this mobile game goes the opposite direction and does terribly. This would be a good thing as well, as it would be hard proof that going the way of mobile gaming would not be as fruitful as some think. This could ease rumored tensions between Iwata and the stockholders, and could even establish more trust in the current Nintendo president. If this happened, many fans would also be at ease that their Nintendo experience wouldn’t be affected negatively.

Is this a good move? I believe it’s a great move by the company. Whatever the outcome, Nintendo – and it’s fans – have the potential to win. So, bring on the Pokemon card game and let’s see how it does!




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