Ocarina of Time Being Remade as a 2D Game

Fans of the Legend of Zelda series have decided to take on the huge task of recreating one of the most beloved titles in the series, Ocarina of Time, completely in 2D. This will most assuredly be a huge task, as cutscenes and various gameplay elements were catered to a 3D environment, and those facets of the original will have to be remade in 2D somehow.

The developers aren’t too prideful, though; they mention that anyone who is able can help to create “maps, sprites, music, or sounds.” The game looks incredible so far, and you can view the gameplay videos on YouTube. In addition, gamers can sample a playable build of the game on their website. So, if you can help them out, you should head on over and do so!

Hopefully, this will be a project Nintendo doesn’t quash, as this appears to simply be a lovingly created fanfare piece of software for everyone to enjoy; they aren’t going to be selling anything and clearly make it known that Nintendo owns the rights to all of the content.

Hopefully the game won’t take too long to finish, because A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time are two of my top three Zelda games!




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