New Sonic Boom Footage Reveals Latest Builds for Both Versions

Were you turned off to the demo or videos of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric or Shattered Crystal from E3 this year? Well, Nintendo World Report has some new gameplay footage showing off the latest builds for each version of the game.

The footage from the Wii U version, Rise of Lyric, showcases multiple elements to gameplay: speed runs, puzzle platform gaming, and fighting mechanics. Personally, I think this footage looks much better than what was shown at E3, and shows that it has been improved since then. Many people didn’t enjoy the demo at the gaming convention, saying it was too slow and felt clunky. That appears to have been changed. I don’t know about you, but the speed run sections looks great, and I’m a huge fan of 3D platforming gameplay, so I’m definitely excited for the title.

Shattered Crystal gameplay looks much the same; side scrolling gameplay mixed with platforming elements. This version, though, looks to be much slower than any previous versions of Sonic that resembled the traditional 2D medium. What’s great is that there will be a playable demo of Shattered Crystal on the Nintendo eShop made available to try on November 4. Too bad there hasn’t been a demo for Rise of Lyric announced, however.

Both versions of Sonic Boom are set to race into stores on November 11, just a few weeks before Smash Bros. for Wii U arrives. Make sure to get your Sonic on before Smash Bros. arrives!



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