Tiny Galaxy – Impressions of an Early Build

Recently, I was able to have a chat with the sole developer of the game, Taylor Hajash; I had learned about this newfound indie developer making his first [public] game for the Wii U. Now, after finally getting to play an early build, I have this to say: it’s looking promising.

Tiny Galaxy Gameplay 1
The player navigates between various smaller worlds; think of Mario Galaxy, in a way

Taylor had mentioned that one of the hardest obstacles in creating Tiny Galaxy was creating the “gravity” found in the game – the player traverses various small spheres (planets, if you will) collecting star pieces to open up a portal to the next area. Most games have flat surfaces – generally – while playing, so Taylor had to be creative in making sure his little protagonist jumped, moved, and journeyed across each small planet the correct way. Even in this early build, Taylor seems to have done a fine job.

The player travels across mini planets, dodging saws and any other harmful things
The player travels across mini planets, dodging saws and any other harmful things

The game implements platforming elements; searching for star pieces that pop up all around each individual cluster of planets, dodging saws, jumping out of harm’s way, and so on. The mechanics are a little rough, as this is a rough build, but they work, and they have potential to be utilized very well. One can only hope that Taylor can somehow effectively use the GamePad to compliment the core gameplay mechanics. I’m not saying the core gameplay is bad by any means, but I can definitely see where it would be enhanced if the GamePad was utilized well.

The usage of color is great!
The usage of color is great!

Another aspect Tiny Galaxy has going for it are the colors: this game is colorful. In a gaming world full of browns and greys, it is always great to see something which uses the color palette. In addition, this would be a perfect fit for Nintendo’s latest console.

Tiny Galaxy arrives on the Wii U eShop in 2015, so be sure to keep an eye out for it; it’s shaping up to be a nice title!




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