Sakurai Over-worked Mind and Body to Make the Latest Smash Bros. Games

In the latest Famitsu issue, Masahiro Sakurai has given a small glimpse into what the development process behind the latest iteration of the Smash Bros. series was like. The game took a toll on him, physically and mentally, it seems, and he poured a lot of time and effort into the titles.

“I hardly have any free time, let alone time to play other games….Towards the end, there were instances where I would work for 40 hours straight and then take 4 hours off to go home and sleep.”

“I constantly consider leaving part of the work to someone else, but there’s just too much to see and handle. As a result, I work from mornings to late nights, even on weekends and holidays. I hardly have any free time, let alone time to play other games.” The general tone of the entire interview seemed to be one of seriousness and solemn contemplation.

“My routine was trying to complete my daily work every day while doing my best to maintain my health day after day.”

Sakurai even stated important questions regarding life in general would frequently come to mind while working on the huge projects: “Sometimes I wind up thinking about life itself. Things like ‘why is it again that people are born?’ The work is large enough and difficult enough that it can affect how you look at life.”

You can read the original article by Famitsu, or if you want a shorter — translated — version, you can see here.




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