Nintendo Direct November 2014 – Good When It Could’ve Been Great

Nintendo had its first general Direct event on Wednesday, November 5th, and they covered quite a bit of information. As always, I highly recommend watching the entire Direct, which is about 33 minutes long, but if you would rather have a a quick list to go through, look no further! For the major points, see below:

  1. Majora’s Mask 3D releasing on 3DS in Spring 2015
  2. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. releasing on 3DS in Spring 2015
  3. NES Remix for 3DS gameplay was shown
  4. New [fantastic] gameplay shown for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  5. Pre-loading games, such as pre-ordering Captain Toad and have it automatically download at launch
  6. Amiibo usage in titles such as Mariokart 8, Smash Bros. U, Hyrule Warriors, and Captain Toad
  7. Amiibo usage in Mariokart 8 will unlock special Mii outfits, and special weapons in Hyrule Warriors
  8. The content in the first Mariokart 8 DLC pack was covered, showcasing awesome F-Zero and Hyrule Castle tracks, new characters, and new vehicles. Also will release on November 13th
  9. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was showcased (which looks amazing), and will be releasing in February 2015
  10. Nintendo showcased their continued support of indie developers, and highlighted various games, such as Affordable Space Adventures
  11. Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal demo is now available
  12. Some entertaining Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate gameplay footage was shown
  13. Pikmin shorts are now available for download, and a Pikmin 3 demo is being made available
  14. My personal highlightXenoblade Chronicles X gameplay footage was shown and a 2015 release date
  15. Finally, Splatoon was last, with new single player gameplay footage and more general gameplay shown, and will be releasing Q2 in 2015

And there you have it; the bullet points of the Direct. Personally, I enjoyed the Direct overall, and it was good to see Iwata-san healthy enough to be filming Directs again. However, there were a few things missing that were a little disappointing.

For one, I have no idea why Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric wasn’t showcased as releasing next week, especially when this Direct was made to seem focused towards North America. Sonic Boom is releasing in the U.S. earlier than anywhere else, so why not show more?

In addition, I wanted to see more about the plethora of other Wii U titles coming in 2015, as well as getting some more solid dates for titles like Yoshi’s Woolly World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Zelda U. I supposed they wanted to show a little more love to the 3DS, as it has seemed to be forgotten about throughout the year, as far as Directs are concerned. Other than those gripes, it was a decent Direct to head into the holiday season. Let’s hope we will get another one fairly soon that will highlight even more titles. What did you think of the Direct?




3 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct November 2014 – Good When It Could’ve Been Great

  1. I think this Direct got me pretty pumped for the Wii U I bought recently. I just finished Super Mario 3D World and didn’t really care for the Captain Toad sections (they were too easy), but Treasure Tracker looks like it takes the concept up a few notches. Also, it was good to see them reveal Majora’s Mask (which everyone has known was coming for a while) and show off STEAM, since they really neglected 3DS back at E3.


    1. Absolutely! I thought it was great as well, just those couple of missing factors. But they won’t please everyone 😉

      I was t interested in Toad either…until i saw the amazing level design. Looks to be up to par with 3D World, and I greatly enjoy that title!

      And always good to see some 3DS love in a Direct, again 🙂


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