January Media Event Focus and Possible Direct

You may have heard that Nintendo will be holding a media event this Wednesday, January 14, 2015; which, it appears, will be happening. What seems to be missing, however, is the content that will fill this media event. If I was a guessing man – and in this case, let’s say I’m really good at guessing – this event is most likely focused around the New 3DS.

The new hardware is already out in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, with a North American release in 2015, though a specific date has not been stated yet. This media event would be a perfect time for Nintendo to spread more info on the handhelds, since it is after Christmas (sales) and they would be looking forward to the new year.

Something else that I’ve heard whispers about, from sources, is that a Direct will be linked to this media event. Now, this is not a for sure thing, but I find it interesting to hear, as I’ve already set my own prediction for a Direct to arrive this Thursday – January 15th, 2015. I think that an unannounced Wii U game might be teased or revealed as well, though, again, this is not a sure thing. Shigeru Miyamoto did briefly mention there are more games coming for the console that “he couldn’t talk about.”

This week might [hopefully] be a very interesting week in the world of Nintendo news. Stay tuned to see what happens later this week, as I will most likely be keeping track of what is discussed in the media event, regardless of rumors or predictions.




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