New Game Footage Races into Focus: 90’s Arcade Racer

The Nicalis published 90’s Arcade Racer has some new footage showing off the glorious throwback to the same type of games mentioned in its title. It had been some time since any news, screen shots, or footage had been shown, so this is a great thing to see.

Upon watching this, I was immediately walking nostalgia lane, fondly remembering my time with the Sega Saturn version of Daytona, U.S.A. when I was younger. The footage shows the player speeding through turns, usually the car drifting completely sideways. You might notice familiar touches, such as planes that might remind you of earlier Ridge Racer titles, the giant Orca jumping over the track which resembles the one from Sonic Adventure, and many other fun throwbacks.

90‘s Arcade Racer doesn’t have an official release date, but it should be releasing on Wii U. Personally, I’m hoping to see this arrive sometime later this year!


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