Let’s Make It Four: New Xenoblade Chronicles X Online Info Revealed

Late last night there was a live Japanese stream regarding the upcoming Wii U exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X. The stream outlined new information for the title, including online functionality, a general overview of the game, new footage, resolution, and a Japanese release date. Thankfully, Twitter user Cheesemeister translated some of the Japanese stream. You can watch the stream below.

Though many had speculated there would be some form of online multiplayer functionality, it was never fully specified; that is, until last night. There will be a “loose” online connection with up to 32 other players at a time. In this aspect, players will be able to share items and key info within the game, making this a more passive online feature. It was also confirmed that four player gameplay will be available; in other words, you and three other friends will be able to explore together.

And exploring, there will be: there are five different continents (areas) that make of this fantasy sci-fi world. Based on the footage we’ve seen up to this point, that makes this a massive game – one would hope so, since the game will be roughly 22.7 GB in size.

Speaking of size, the game will be available for pre-purchase and pre-download for Japanese Wii U owners in time for its release date of April 29th. For the rest of us, we can only hope the title releases in other regions shortly after its Japanese launch.

XCX Screen Shot

Some other interesting news are that the game will run in 720p, the title will support both the GamePad and Pro Controller, and – surprisingly – a USB keyboard. I’m a bit interested in the addition of a keyboard, and how that will be utilized within the game; will it be an alternative to voice chat, or perhaps be used in tandem with the Pro Controller to mimic a keyboard on the GamePad touch screen? In addition, Miiverse and off-TV play will be supported, which is to be expected.

XCX Cover Art

Xenoblade Chronicles X releases outside of Japan sometime later this year.




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