Dear readers: A letter to the best folk around

Over the past year – and a few months – of diving into the gaming industry world, and more specifically into Nintendo news, I’ve learned quite a bit. I’ve learned lessons from both veterans in the business and newer additions who might’ve joined just before I did. I’ve made many positive connections with people all across the globe, gotten my name on dev lists (which blew my mind, by the way), given my opinions on various things, and had discussions with various people. The one thing in common with all of these aspects? Passion and enjoyment for video games and the industry that surrounds them.

I created The Nintendo Objective originally to help promote the Wii U; Nintendo’s latest misunderstood system that deserved more love than it had been getting. What evolved was something much more. I discovered how much I enjoy writing, learned what goes into making a game, found a passion in indie titles I didn’t know I had, and made some amazing connections with people via social media. Now, the site has evolved into news, opinion pieces, and game reviews; I’ve been able to bring in two more writers to help with opinion pieces, as well. All of these have been huge steps for me, and have opened my eyes to a whole new world. That’s right, I’m referencing “Aladdin” there, so don’t judge me.

And this is where I was inspired to write this letter to you, the reader: I’ve grown so much into this industry I began to branch out and expand my horizons, so to speak. I began writing for Gaming Rebellion, which has evolved into a TNO feature for the site. I was brought in to Zelda Universe as a writer, and have moved into a position of editing/publishing to an extent. I recently joined the Examiner in search of more exposure outside of purely gaming websites. All of these additions have helped me in various ways: learned desired formats, how to keep things professional while being personable at the same time, and I will now be attending my first ever E3. These additions, however, have also taken a toll on the site that started everything: The Nintendo Objective.

I want to first apologize for the past few months; the quantity of news, opinion pieces, and reviews has not been up to par. Well, at least not up to par with what I expect of myself and the site. My goal is to treat you, the reader, with respect and give you something you want to read. I want the content on this site to be entertaining, accurate, and be a spark for discussions; the past few months have been lacking a little, all of which is on me. We’ve had some great pieces by Travis, and will be getting a first piece from Andrew soon, but I’ve been slacking on my end. I want to first explain myself, then give a vision of the future of the site, and my ultimate goals.

For the past year, I’ve not been paid for what I do (though I have received some nice gifts from sites I write for). This is not a complaint, but rather, an explanation: I have to balance work which pays (ugh, a day job), a wife and son, and my writing/work I do for the sites I am a part of. I need to give respect and attention to each, but in varying degrees. Obviously, my family comes first, then work; that leaves my writing third in line. So, naturally, that has taken the biggest hit in time reduction since my day job has demanded much more of me the past few months. Gotta pay the bills, right? But, this is no excuse, either, and that is why I’ve been working out a way to balance all of these things to make it work. Thankfully, I’ve come to a place where I can, yet again, balance everything properly. Long story made short: I’m sorry for being lame the past couple months, but I should be good to go again and bring you the best content I possibly can. That isn’t to say I’m not looking for help – I can definitely use some news reporters to catch Nintendo news and stories!

As for the future, I want TNO to continue to grow in the media department, and continue to grow into a site that essentially is a [positive] discussion board for Nintendo fans (and gaming fans, in general). Hopefully I can get back into podcasts revolving around Nintendo, perhaps add in a retro Nintendo section, and create more pieces that spark good conversation. I want TNO to become a place that many gamers can visit and not be met with an overload of toxicity, but rather, a place where gaming enthusiasts can be….well, enthusiasts. This may be a pipe dream, but I’m going to strive for it.

This leads to my ultimate goal: I want to work for the company I write so much about. If that were to ever happen, I would like to pass off TNO to those who would keep its purpose and meaning going strong. I tell you this to simply be honest with you; TNO is not the end-game for me. If this is all it becomes, then so be it. This is not the extent of my aspirations, and I feel that you, the reader, have the right to know that.

All that being said, the process and content produced (ie – how reviews are written, not simply copy/pasting PR statements as news, etc) will largely remain the same. It has worked thus far, so I’ve decided to not do any kind of change to them. The one aspect for reviews I will be adding to the process is something I’ve contemplated for some time. The more traditional review system will stay the same here on TNO (four categories, each with number score given to them, while the overall game score is the sum of the category scores). However, on many titles, I will do a separate review to highlight the games strengths that made it stand out, if there are any to be seen. These “highlight reviews” will be posted in the TNO feature section on Gaming Rebellion. The reason for this change is this: I see value in using a points scale to rate games (making it easy for all types of players to decide if they want to spend their hard-earned money on a game), but I also don’t want my thoughts and words to be taken out of context. Too often a game given between a 6-8 out of 10 score is seen as a “bad game,” when that is not the case at all – a bad game would be 3-4 (or less) out of 10. In doing this little bit of extra work, players can see what makes the game a worthwhile purchase, if it is at all. This will cater to different gaming tastes; if someone isn’t a fan of “Metroid-vania” games and I highlight that as an aspect of the title, then they know the game is most likely not for them. This will be some extra work on my end, but I think it is a good usage of the points scale for scoring.

If you’ve simply glazed over this letter, then I want you to take away at least one thing: TNO was founded by a gamer, for other gamers. I have been active in making sure to spend time actually playing games and not getting caught up in the jargon that can easily drown out the reason why I write (and why you read articles related to gaming) – a passion and enjoyment of video games. I hope to have vibrant discussions with you via social media (if you haven’t added me on Twitter, what are you waiting for?!), as well as experience fun times with games (if you haven’t added my NNID or 3DS friend code, again, what are you waiting for?!)

As always, thank you for choosing to spend time reading the content I put out, and I’m glad you’ve decided to stick around long enough to read this letter. Stay safe, and game recklessly, my friends!

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