E3 impressions: Day one

Alright, my first day at E3 is in the bag! So, what did I think about Nintendo’s showing? Read and find out!

The Good

  • The presentation of the Digital Event (puppets) was outstanding.
  • Played Yoshi’s Woolly World with a Zelda Universe colleague, and it was hard. We played the hardest of the three levels, and it was (enjoyably) difficult. The level took place in a Boo mansion (though…there weren’t any Boos, so perhaps a haunted mansion?), and there were drapes that would move horizontally across the level. Behind these drapes, platforms would be revealed as shadows, giving us the ability to jump on them and proceed. However, when not covered by the drapes, the platforms disappeared. Playing this on two player was difficult…so difficult that we didn’t even finish the level and had to bow to the “Thanks for playing!” sign that popped up on the screen.
  • Ok, I’m sold: Super Mario Maker is just plain fun. I’d assume there will be DLC in the future, but I can easily see myself spending hours making levels. A couple fun facts: the levels cannot be completed unless they can be finished, little “X’s” show up where others have died on the level (this only shows when you die on a level). It’s a smooth interface that makes sense, and gives a lot of freedom. Plus, they had mini-tournaments throughout the day, challenging people to finish tough levels already created (the NWC stages will be available at launch).
  • Star Fox Zero looks to be great, though I didn’t get a chance to play today. This is why it’s good: the lines were insanely long most the day, showing people are excited about the title. I will [hopefully] get my chance tomorrow).
  • amiibo X Skylanders could be excellent for both companies on various fronts. Plus, they just look cool.
  • Super Mario Maker amiibo looks outstanding. Hopefully they’ll have stock…

The Bad

  • No Xenoblade Chronicles X demo; just a video that replayed at a couple stations around the floor.
  • Yoshi’s Woolly World is releasing in October? What? This is months after an AU, JP, and EU release date.
  • Why was Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the show floor, when that could’ve been Xenoblade demo space?
  • Little initial mention of games like Devil’s Third and Fatal Frame. Why no big time promotion?
  • People have wanted a new Paper Mario game, and this new one looks to be fine; it just doesn’t look like a true Paper Mario game. This falls under the issue below…

The Ugly

  • Though I’m not knocking the game yet, as I still have to play it, it seems like Metroid Prime Federation Force is only “halfway there” for what fans have been wanting for some time now.
  • New Animal Crossing game on Wii U isn’t really a new Animal Crossing game (seems only in name).

Tomorrow I plan on getting to Metroid Prime Federation ForceTriforce HeroesMario Tennis: Ultra SmashStar Fox Zero, and any other titles I didn’t get a chance to play today. The atmosphere around Star Fox Zero and Super Mario Maker was very high energy, and many seemed to enjoy them quite a bit.

Check in tomorrow for a “day two” update!


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